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Summer is here! Weight loss tip:)

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

Watch this 4 minute video with a simple but effective tip that will help you, if you want to lose weight.

As you may or may not know, Advanced Hypnotherapy is one of the most effective tools for weight loss. Slimming down is all about your psychological relationship with food - e.g. beliefs around food. Beliefs typically formed in your formative years.

How do you behave around food? do you use it to numb emotions, to cancel out your inner child? Do you use it for comfort? or as a distraction from tasks?

Or do you only eat when you are physically hungry and stop when you are full - and thereby allow yourself to be your natural ideal weight, feeling healthy, energised and happy in your own skin!:)

I remember about 16 years ago, when I lived in Denmark, a news programme that was know for being very critical from our main tv channel called me up and told me that they had secretly been sending two people to come and see me for weight loss. They now wanted to come and interview me, so that they could show the interview along with the results on telly.

They had also sent people to other types of therapists and methods - about 10 different methods. They didn't want to tell me, which results the clients had had after the therapy. I had to wait for it to be shown on national telly.

As you can imagine it was both exciting and a little bit unsettling to receive that call - my concern was that the clients hadn't paid for the sessions themselves and they hadn't chosen hypnotherapy specifically as a method amongst all the methods. So I was a bit concerned about their level and degree of motivation. Also, did they really want to lose weight or did they just want to be on telly - especially on this particular news programme that always had a flavour of drama.

However the main part of me felt calm and confident about it, as I know how amazingly powerful the subconscious mind is and I know that we as humans are designed to be slim. Which means that hypnotherapy for weight loss is not about inventing a new way of being, but rather it's about helping a client reconnect with their natural relationship with and understanding of the purpose of food (think about spoon feeding a small child and how it simply won't eat, if it isn't hungry)

It turned out that the doctors who measured the clients before and after the hypnotherapy sessions were very impressed with the effects of hypnotherapy. In this experiment, it was only hypnotherapy, fitness training and a slimming powder (I can't remember which) that had a positive effect on the weight of the participants.

A few hypnotherapy colleagues that I hadn't met before, emailed me after the programme with a 'well done and thank you' I sensed that some of them were quite happy not to have been a part of this undercover manoeuvre!:D

Anyway, wishing you a healthy, sunny and happy weekend.

Kirsten x

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