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7. Meditation: Loving Kindness 4. Reduce agitation - and evoke more calmness and well-being.

Updated: May 11, 2020

This time we’ll advance even more and do the full ‘Loving Kindness’ practise and work on re-wiring our neurological system regarding how we feel around people we might consider as ‘difficult’.

In doing so, you are teaching your brain to view others through a broader, kinder and wiser lens and thereby helping yourself reduce stress hormones in your own wonderful system - instead you can create more serotonin and oxytocin (beneficial neurochemicals)

It is important for the health of our cells, that we feel we live in a friendly environment - Loving Kindness meditation can help you with this.

We will of course also continue to shower our own system with Loving Kindness.

Enjoy and please do share this post so that others can feel the kindness too. Warmest wishes, Kirsten

(this is the actual view from the lovely lighthouse my pics are from!)

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