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Enjoy a pause in the Norwegian forest! Allow your sense of curiosity and wonder to re-ignite.

Not to be missed!! Calm and Connected Conversations: with Forest Therapist Caroline Hargreaves. Get a sense of your deeper connection with your inner and outer nature. Caroline shares SO much food for thought and uplifting soothing wisdom here - about nature, relationships, edible herbs that we can find in the forest, Self Love and art - all round inner sustainability.

Caroline has many years of experience from the fields of international development, human rights, global peace processes and diplomacy. The last few years she has journeyed on the path of the heart - completed an education as a healer at the Gilalai Institute for Energy and Consciousness, become a forest therapy guide with Association for Nature and Forest Therapy (ANFT) and taken a deep dive into the multidimensional universe of yoga sciences. She is currently engaged as a consultant for the Open Air Retreat at Oslo University Hospital. Read more on

Enjoy and please let me know, what you think. (Btw we briefly mention ‘Lars’ this is Danish mystic and musician Lars Muhl)

Warmest wishes


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