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13. Chakra balance meditation - you deserve it!

It's almost Christmas and we're getting nearer the end of this year.

I hope that you are acknowledging, how well you have done.. please look at yourself through the eyes of kindness, it has been an unusual year.

Before the new year, let's do an inner 'spring clean' or balance. Let's sit together.. and allow and support our individual body to find it's balance - or maybe even a new and improved balance!

If you need any support through hypnotherapy and NLP, then you know where to find me, I'm always here for you:)

Wishing you and yours a peaceful and joyful Christmas - how you are celebrating it this year or whether you are with your support bubble or on your own, doesn't really matter, what matters is that you are connecting with the true spirit of Christmas, which isn't about opening presents, but about opening your heart.

When your heart is open (when you are present, peaceful, and compassionate) you are showering your mind and body with love (oxytocin) - and only then can this overflow to others without draining you. Whether that's metaphysically from a distance, through a phone conversation or person to person:)


Stay Calm and Connected:)

Lot's of Love


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